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A Rolling Stone….

If you liken my blogging to a rolling stone… well… it’s covered in moss and ground deep into the dirt.

It’s not like I haven’t been busy or had anything to say; I’ve just gotten out of the habit of writing about what I’m doing or showing what I’m working on, and getting that stone rolling again has been a struggle.

Part of what stopped the stone rolling in the first place was the nature of what I was working on last year. In May of ’08 I started storyboarding on TOTAL DRAMA ACTION and I was under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. There really wasn’t anything I could show, and I’m not even sure I was allowed to talk about it. The show is on the air now, but until the final episode airs I’m still a little iffy what I can and cannot show/talk about. I also worked on an Australian production called SUMO MOUSE, which was kind of fun, but I have no idea when or where it will be airing.

All in all I was kept pretty busy through to February which I took off to get Married. So life was pretty busy until the beginning of March, but by then the blogging momentum was totally shot.

I’ve been off since I got back from the honeymoon, though I spent most of March and early April job hunting as well as trying to get the house and life back into shape after the blur of the previous 10 months. I spent a few weeks in April writing, finishing off the script for the second half of Wahoo Morris and breaking down the outline and script for the project I plan to follow up Wahoo Morris with. And since late April I’ve been working on the pencils for Wahoo Morris.

I roughed out the layouts for the remaining part of the second half (about 70 pages, bringing up the total page count to 197 pages) and I’m now tightening them up into inkable pencils. I’m doing them digitally (a new method, at least for WM) and the plan is to print them out in blue line for inking. I don’t have a large format printer at the moment so I’ll probably finish penciling the whole book before I can afford to buy a printer so I can start inking.

I’m supposed to be starting storyboarding on a new show in a few weeks (which will help pay for a new printer) so we’ll see how far I get with the pencils before I can start inking.

I’ll pop some pencils up this week to show my new method.

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