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A Quiet Month!

So, I’ve been a little quiet this past month and a bit.

A lot has been going on, though most of it I haven’t been able to talk about. Some of it I still can’t talk about, but I’ll try to give a quick overview of the month.

To start with, on the Monday following wrapping up The Mighty Motor-Sapiens, I was contacted by an editor at Marvel about doing some sample sketches to try out for a potential job. It took me a few days to research the job and do the sketches and get them in.

Then I came down with the flu.

That kind of knocked me on my ass for two weeks, and I was a little distracted in anticipation of finding out about the Marvel job among a few other things I still can’t talk about. I still hadn’t got back up to full speed before my Significant Other announced she wanted to go on a last minute beach vacation to get away from the deluge of snow we’ve had this year. I spent a couple days while recovering from the flu, up on the roof shovelling off the 5 feet of accumulated snow, so I wasn’t too hard to convince into going down south for a week.

So, We’ve been back for two days now, and I’m recovering from a little stomach bug I picked up in Mexico. I found out the day before we left that I didn’t get the Marvel gig as they decided to go with one of the other artists they were considering for the job (more on that in a later post). But, It looks like I should be able to announce the show I’ll be doing storyboards on soon, as I’m scheduled to start on April 28th.

In the mean time, I’ll be finally finishing up my story for the Tori Amos anthology for Image this week and hopefully getting caught up on Wahoo Morris the following two weeks.

March was supposed to be the month I crammed on Wahoo Morris, getting caught up and several weeks ahead. Sigh… the besy laid plans and all that. Hopefully I can at least get caught up before the deluge of work starts again.

More later!

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