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Building a Theme!

I’ve been getting a lot of PHP access errors when trying to log in and navigate this site. Requesting support from my server got me a list of error logs which I have no clue how to navigate. Not very helpful.

So, in an effort to make sure it wasn’t my code causing the problems, I decided to try to start from scratch with a WordPress approved theme. I monkeyed with the font sizes, spacing, and colour, etc. to try and duplicate the look of the site. I swapped out the images for my own, and I created the top menu with instructions from the WordPress site, instead of just cutting and pasting an HTML table into the top of the header.  About the only things that aren’t out of the box are the image in the sidebar, and the images in place of text in the horizontal menu. I think this time around, there should be no problems with the code.

I’m going to leave things as is for a few weeks and see if things have stabilized. Please let me know if you are getting the same ACCESS VIOLATION errors when trying to visit the site.

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