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Covers and More Covers!

September 25th, 2017

I’m working my way through a back-log of covers.

I’ve had multiple books ready to go but just waiting for a cover.

I have finished the line art for the  final 3 issues of digital Wahoo Morris comics and a collection of some Weird Science-Fantasy short stories for Comixology.


Now I need to colour these…. and I still need a cover for a print book collecting my random short stories and a cover to a book collection of pin-ups, art, and sketches.


Covers unfortunately are not my favorite task!

And that’s a wrap!

July 13th, 2017

On Tuesday I put the finished bits of ‘ink’ on the final interior page of Wahoo Morris.


I’m not popping the champagne quite yet.


I still have 3 covers to do for the Comixology releases and I have to copy edit the whole book and put together a print ready file for Book 2. That’s a lot of work. And I have to somehow find the time for it in between storyboard assignments.


But… for the first time  in 17 years I find myself without an in progress comic project to pick away at between assignments. And I’m finding that less of a relief than I thought.


This might be a good time for editors to hit me up for work. :)


Eulogy for the Lemon Drop Kid

May 30th, 2017

The word came yesterday that The Damon Runyon Graphic Library project is dead. An agreement couldn’t be made with the new person in charge at the rights holder.


It’s heartbreaking burying a project. I think this would have been a beautiful book and I was very proud of this story. Sure, I can show the art, but that’s only half the story without the words.




Anyway, here is all 33 pages of the black & white linework

Networking by Food Fight!

May 18th, 2017

I’m researching crowdfunding at the moment as I’m thinking of running a Kickstarter for Wahoo Morris Book 2 this year.

As part of the research I’m participating in the 5 day ComixLaunch Kickstarter Challenge.

Day 1 the challenge was to streamline and write your bio. Not too hard. Done.

Day 2 was to come up with a compelling backstory, the when, where, how and why that got you to where you are today. You were supposed to keep it in bullet points then tell one of those stories as briefly as possible. So far I have failed this challenge as my notes are verging on the chapter of a novel.

It’s been 31 years since my first professional gig in comics, and it’s been a long meandering road of making a living, to trying to break in, to making a living, to self publishing and going in debt, to doing it as a professional hobby, to making a living and back to creatively satisfying side gigs on the side. Now hoping to take another run at making a living at it.

One through line that connects a lot of my story was meeting Barry Blair at a meeting of the Graphic Story Society when I was 14. From hiring me at Aircel at 17, to recommending me to Tom Mason at Malibu Graphics, to hiring me at WaRP to ink and draw ElfQuest® the official page, the entirety of the “Full-time-professional” phase of my comic career was linked by that one chance meeting in grade 9. Hell, even my first attempts at creator owned work in Mythography and the Forbidden Book, including the story I did with Marv Wolfman were connected because he introduced me by email to Michael Cohen.

Chance encounters seem to be my thing.

Almost knocking the plate of ribs out of Mark Wheatley‘s hands in the buffet line of a party at the Laughing Ogre in Columbus Ohio led to a conversation about web comics. Fast forward a year and based on Mark’s recommendation I teamed up with Robert Tinnell to draw the Harvey Award Nominated daily strip The Chelation Kid. A year later Mark hires me to Ink, then draw the daily and also Harvey Award Nominated Mighty Motor Sapiens among other projects.

My inclusion in Comic Book Tattoo was part chance encounter as well, as after a sparsely attended meetup of members of The Engine message board at San Diego Comic Con, I at the last moment and on a whim handed a copy of my latest issue of Wahoo Morris to everyone there including Rantz Hoseley.

Not sure where I am going with this ….

I’m sure some people do their networking with intent and forethought. You can’t (or at least shouldn’t) plan to knock over someones plate of ribs in the hopes of getting work! Seems to be my style though.

Stay Tuned……

May 11th, 2017