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The Mountain Gets A New Name!

For a number of years I have jokingly referred to the tower of overstock books and comics in the basement as the “Mountain Of Broken Dreams”.

For a long time the dream of being a successful self publisher/comic creator seemed out of reach and the sheer volume of dead stock in the basement was a daily reminder.

Tuesday night, in anticipation of the new books arriving, I removed all the boxes from the pallet in the basement and reorganized and re-stacked them. I put the boxes of single comics to the side and lay down two solid layers of Wahoo Morris Book One boxes on the pallet and a single row on top near the back end. Then I re-stacked the dead-stock single comics as an end cap at the back in one teetering row with my 4 remaining boxes of the Free Comic Day Book easily accessible.

Today I filled in the space with three layers of Wahoo Morris Book 2 and put my active convention stock boxes on top. As is, I can access a good chunk of all the different books I’ll need without having to go digging. Previously all my Free Comic Book Day Books were on the very bottom of the stack! Very poor planning.

So, now the mountain needs a new name as it is no longer a “Mountain of Broken Dreams” and is instead a mountain of saleable books. It might take me a few years, but the only thing stopping me from whittling the pile down is my sales technique! Now there is only a teetering and towering “End-Cap of Broken Dreams”, but I’ll eventually use all those books as give-away teasers, so they’ll go too!

I now see a “Mountain of Possibilities”.

And I’m starting to plan the next layer!

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