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Books, Books, and More Books!

The Books came today!

Well, yesterday actually, as I am writing this Tuesday afternoon, but let’s not complicate things! 🙂

The truck arrived just after breakfast delivering 1300 copies of WAHOO MORRIS Book 2 in 21 boxes. They are going in the basement with the rest of my stock, so I had them drop the pallet on the driveway and I carried them in one box at a time.

It’s a feeling that never gets old, holding a book you created in your hands for the first time.
And, while I’m having the usual feelings of insecurity over the quality of the story and art (all artists deep down fear that they are actually terrible), I’m pretty happy with the way the books look and turned out.

I think it’s a nice looking book if I do say so myself and the prettiest package I’ve ever turned out! 🙂

Now, I have to figure out what to do with all these books!

I’ll be shipping out Kickstarter rewards starting this week, but that’s only going to account for a tiny fraction of the print run.

I’m currently working on getting the books into comic shops, but that’s a few months away.

In the meantime I have to store them. Ack!

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