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Life Drawing @ The Rooster

The last time I attended Life Drawing was a multi-week session at the Ottawa School Of Art. I had just started working for WaRP Graphics inking ElfQuest: The Hidden Years (I’ll let somebody else do the math!) and I had to drop out of the session because of time crunch and deadlines.

I’ve been wanting to do it ever since, but could never commit to a long multi-week session.

I finally found a couple of monthly drop in sessions and finally made it to one last night. It was a clothed model session at The Atomic Rooster.  I haven’t used a pencil (or any non-digital art tool) outside of scribbling stick figure layouts in the margins of a script in about 8 years. I felt like a monkey with a burnt stick.

Frustrations aside, I’m looking forward to the next one.



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