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Al Williamson Tribute

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Over at ComicTwart they are doing an Al Williamson Tribute. I don’t follow the ComicTwart Blog regularly, though I should as a few friends are involved.

Al Williamson was a huge influence on me at a time in the the early ’90’s when my work was making the transition from promising amateurishness to early pro-level (though, oddly enough it was after I crossed that threshold that work started to be harder to find) and for a time drawing as much like Al Williamson as I could without slavishly swiping was the goal. I’ve moved away from that in the last ten years or so, though more due to the subject matter of the work I do than any loss of interest in the Alex Raymond/Hal Foster school of Art that Al synthesized so well.

Anyway, the Comic Twart theme of the week got me inspired and I decided to join the fun. I sketched this out last night in between pages of script of the latest storyboard. If I can squeeze in the time, I’ll try to ink it before the end of the week.

EDIT – Here are the inks fresh off the tablet!

Over-sized mushrooms and little spotted lizards say “Al Williamson” to me!