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Really Late Post TCAF Write-up…

I wish I could say that I had a blast at TCAF, but alas, no.

It had nothing to do with the show itself, which I love, or the organization which is great. The new venue wasn’t as picturesque as the last one, but the location was convenient and the floor layout was better, so no complaints there. It was nice seeing colleagues and friends, and meeting new ones, which is one of the main reasons I like attending shows like TCAF.

The problem was…. I was sick as a dog.

I was recovering from a Chest Cold as the weekend loomed, but I seemed to be better by Friday. I flew in early Saturday morning and was feeling a little under the weather and spent most of the day fairly quiet, but I figured a good night’s sleep and I’d be back in the pink for Sunday. Sadly I was mistaken and I spent Sunday feeling like I was trying to breath under water, and chain-eating fishermen’s friend cough lozenges in attempt to not spend the day in one continuous coughing fit. And near the end of the day I started to get a lower stomach issue, which pretty much had me in agony all day. Well, maybe ‘agony’ is a little melodramatic, but I was not in the best shape, and I pretty much just sat there like a lump waiting for it to be over. I was not the most social person, as talking without coughing was a chore, and my salesmanship was nil.

I never even wandered the floor at any point in time to check out every one’s stuff and to buy and trade. I didn’t buy a single comic! Which tells you how sick I was as that’s my favorite part of any show.

If I managed to infect anyone, friend or fan or casual browser, I am reeeeeeaaaaaly sorry!

Hopefully I’ll be a little healthier next time!

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