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It feels like fall…

It’s a wet and gray first day of October. Which is on par for the rest of the non-summer we have had here in Ottawa. Not that I would have had time to take advantage any nice weather had we had it, mind you. The hammock hung empty, and the garden lay untended for much of the summer.

Since early May I’ve been drawing storyboards for TV cartoons, which has kept me pretty busy. I took a two week road trip/ vacation in July, but I didn’t reduce my workload so I ended up working compressed hours for three weeks before and three weeks after to allow me the time off.

Storyboards is a new-ish venture for me. I did a handful at the beginning of my time in animation, but shifted into key animation and then character design. I honestly didn’t think I had what it took to do them, but I was looking around for work in animation over the winter, and there wasn’t much available I was qualified for, so when the opportunity to do boards came up I took the plunge. It’s not the easiest work I’ve ever done, but I really enjoyed the first show I worked on, and I’m beginning to get the hang of it, slowly but surely.

The end result is that I haven’t had the time for any comic work for the past five months. I’ve spent the odd hour here or there, when I needed a break, working on pencils for Chapter 7 of Wahoo Morris, though the final pages of Chapter 6 still need a few odds and ends before they are finished.

I finish up my current storyboard in two weeks, then, who knows? I have a few leads, and a few potential projects, but nothing definite for a few months. If I can, I will finish up what I can of Wahoo Morris before the next contract starts, whatever and whenever that will be.

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