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MIGHTY MOTOR SAPIENS gets Harvey Award Nomination!

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

The 2008 Harvey Award Nominees were announced today, and the MIGHTY MOTOR SAPIENS got a nomination in the ‘best syndicated panel or strip category’.

It goes without saying that I’m thrilled. Since my ‘return’ to comics I’ve been involved in 2 self-syndicated on-line strips, and now both of them have received HArvey Award nominations!

I had initially intended to avoid conventions this year, but it looks likely that I will attempt to attend The Baltimore convention after all. I had a good time at the awards ceremony last year, and how often do you get nominated for awards anyway. Okay, yeah, two years in row so far. I’m not counting on a hat-trick next year!

Here’s the Official Announcement cribbed from the Harvey Awards website after the cut: (more…)