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Comic Book Tattoo!

I’ve mentioned before that I was working on a story to be included in the upcoming Image anthology COMIC BOOK TATTOO: Stories inspired by The Songs of Tori Amos.

I was illustrating a script by Jim Bricker, inspired by the song GOD.

Well, I finished up the art and colours yesterday and sent them off to the editor for inclusion in the book. It was my first attempt at colouring a full story, so I’ll be nervously awaiting the book coming back from the printer to see how my effort turns out.

We were asked to not show any art until the press junket had started. I think showing a panel or two should be okay at this point.


The story itself is a conversation piece, which I’ve done a lot of in WAHOO MORRIS, so to challenge myself I decided to try and draw in a new style. I was going for a vaguely Tintin-ish cartoony realism style. I’m a little too close to the job still, so I’m not sure how successful I was. Plus, as I said before, the whole job of colouring a story was new to me. So the story really was one big experiment!


Colouring is a skill I would like to develop, though. I’ll definitely jump at the chance to do another colour story when the opportunity comes along.

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