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What’s Going On In February?

I’ve been a little quiet this week and last, but that doesn’t mean I’m not drawing. Just the opposite. February is starting out just as busy as January ended.

I’m not one to count my chickens before they hatch, but it seems that the story-board test I did last week was successful and the directors have asked me to board on the show when it starts in April. In the meantime, the studio has asked if I would like to work on another show already in production until the other show starts. So… I’m doing another test this week for THAT show.

I know I’m being a little coy not mentioning show names, but I’m superstitious that way – until the work is on my desk I keep mum!

So, if all goes according to plan, I will be finishing up The Mighty Motor-Sapiens the second last week of February and then starting a storyboard the first week of March, which will give me a full week off from paid work to get my Comic Book Tattoo story (hopefully) inked or at least well on the way to being inked. I’ll be picking away at the pencils over the next two weeks once the animation test is done.

Wahoo Morris will be on hold for most of February I imagine, unless I get farther on the Comic Book Tattoo story than plan. I hope to at the very least spend one full day (during the week “off”) inking the pages I posted over Christmas as pencil only. I’m going to get everything unfinished finished before moving on to new pages, but the plan is to eventually catch up to where I should be in the posting schedule.

It’s going to be a busy Spring!

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