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Archive for March, 2007

Free Comic Book Day Print Run.

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

I received the proofs for the Wahoo Morris Free Comic Book today. Everything looks good, so I gave the go ahead to the printer to print the final comics.

I also set the final print run at 12000 copies. I know for a FCBD book that that is on the low side, but it is the largest single print run I have ever done of any book I have published, so I’m a little mind-boggled by the number.

In a few weeks those comics will be handed out free to Free Comic Book Day patrons in several countries. Here’s hoping a good percentage of those readers come back for more of the story! A five percent return will make me more than happy with the results of the promotion.

Look for the book at participating comic shops on May 5th!

Free Comic Book Day

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Free Comic Book Day this year is saturday May 5th, and WAHOO MORRIS is one of the participating comics.

WAHOO MORRIS FCBD edition ’07 is a 32 page re-print of the original Wahoo Morris #1, and is the perfect teaser introduction to the WAHOO MORRIS tradepaperback series. There is also a 2 page Butternut Squash short and a selection of advertising from small indie publishers.

If you want to give WAHOO MORRIS a try, and would like a copy of the Free WAHOO MORRIS FCBD edtion, please let your favorite retailer know you want a copy before the end of this week. It can be easily ordered with the order code FEB07 0048.