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… is not something I’m good at. If I have to work on more than one project at a time I’m more likely to get nothing done on any of them than be productive on multiple projects at once.

And right now I’m neck deep in three, count ’em three, separate projects at once. I’ve been doing 5 daily strips of THE CHELATION KID a week, as well as working on CLEOPATRA for Moonstone Books, and trying to maintain a weekly update schedule on WAHOO MORRIS so I hit my projected publishing date of May for WAHOO MORRIS Book Two.

If you’ve been paying attention you will notice I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon the last two weeks or so. The final details of getting WAHOO MORRIS Book One to stores and then preparing for and attending SPX threw a bit of a monkey wrench in the whole proceedings. I haven’t fallen behind on The Chelation Kid, but Wahoo Morris fell by the wayside first, then Cleopatra.

This week things are back to normal and I have resumed the schedule I was maintaining through most of September. Basically I get up in the morning and draw and ink an episode of The Chelation Kid. In the afternoon I work on Cleopatra, sometimes managing to pencil a whole page. In the evening (if I choose to have no life and work) I alternately work on Wahoo Morris or pick away at finishing tag ends on Cleo or the Chelation Kid.

It’s not the best way of getting a project done in a speedy manner, but it is keeping all three projects moving, albeit slowly. I’m hoping Cleopatra will be wrapped up by the end of November so I will only have two projects on my plate for a little while until I have to take another paying job to keep the wolves from the door.

Once The Chelation Kid wraps up (when we are not sure yet) I’ll just be working on one project at a time for a while. The idea of working on one project all day long from start to finish seems rather heavenly at the moment…

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